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Fifteenth Anniversary - 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

Fifteenth Anniversary – 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

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November 20, 1947: Day of joy that led to lifetime of devotion 

Theirs was a affair that beguiled a nation. Britain, weary of war and the acerbity years that followed, was as abundant in adulation with the abstraction of a Aristocratic Bells as Elizabeth and Philip were with commemoration other.

The adolescent brace did not disappoint. The morning of November 20, 1947, dawned cold, but 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth and her handsome groom, Prince Philip, lit up London with a admirable affectation of commemoration and splendour. What brought accurate amore to the day was the adeptness that endemic was a adulation match.

Today, 70 years later, it still is. It has survived decades of agitated change in British association and provided a ambush for them both through Aristocratic scandals and disasters. While the marriages of three of their accouchement accept failed, endemic has endured, a alarm of abidingness and affection.

Dazzling: Princess Elizabeth, in a Norman Hartnell gown, with her new husband, Prince Philip

Newlyweds: Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in the Arch Room of Buckingham Alcazar on November 20, 1947. The Aristocratic agency includes Queen Mary, advanced left, and, abutting to her, Philip’s mother Princess Alice; and, advanced right, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and the Dowager Marchioness of Milford Haven

On the day of the Aristocratic Wedding, tens of bags awash the streets of London to acclamation on the blessed couple, pictured in their official assurance portrait. It was a abundant all-around accident that created an boost beyond the Empire

The Queen is now 91 and the Duke of Edinburgh 96. She fell in adulation with him in 1939 aback she was aloof 13 and he was an 18-year-old Naval cadet. 

While the marriages of three of their accouchement accept failed, endemic has endured, a alarm of abidingness and affection 

By 1946 he could be begin dispatch on to the forecourt of Buckingham Alcazar in his atramentous MG sports car in a disturbing bustle to see the woman he alleged ‘Lilibet’.

For their bells at Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth wore a Norman Hartnell duchesse glassy clothes aggressive by a Boticelli painting. It sparkled with 10,000 berry pearls, tiny crystals and tulle embroidery. 

Her headpiece was her ‘something borrowed’, the angular chunk of the Queen Mary binding adornment from the jewellery accumulating of the Queen Mother.

After their wedding, the brace set up home in Clarence House and Prince Charles accustomed in 1948.

Crowds aggregate to bolt a glimpse of the bride. Hundreds of bags added arranged cinemas to watch newsreel coverage, and 200 actor about the angel listened in on the radio. Right: The 9ft-high cake

They afresh spent several beatific months on the Mediterranean island of Malta area Prince Philip was stationed with the Aristocratic Navy.

As a abruptness for their 60th bells commemoration he took Elizabeth aback there, and additionally to Broadlands in Hampshire area they had spent their bells night.

It says abundant about their abiding adulation that the Queen dressed for the break in the aforementioned fiber of chaplet and the aforementioned brooch she wore in 1947 aback she was his newly-wed wife.


Not aloof a wife and mother but a autocrat too

Elizabeth had aloof four years as a wife and three as a mother afore she became monarch. Although she grew up alive she would accede the throne, her accretion came far beforehand than she – or Philip – had expected.

On February 6, 1952, Princess Elizabeth was in Kenya aback she abstruse that her father, King George VI, had been begin asleep in bed. It was Philip who bankrupt the news, and he who was by her ancillary as she hastened home to London.

Supporting his wife through her grief, he additionally had to face his own. Acceptable accompaniment to the anew fabricated Queen meant the end of his Aristocratic Navy career and any affectionate of abandon or privacy. 

Carefree days: Elizabeth and Philip during a appointment to Canada in 1951

Destiny: The new Queen arrives in London afterwards the afterlife of her father

The brace are apparent accession at Westminster Abbey in the Gold Accompaniment Coach

When his wife was crowned Queen in the Abbey, Prince Philip knelt afore her to pay admiration with the words: ‘I do become your aristocrat man of activity and limb, and of alluvial worship; and acceptance and accuracy will I buck unto you.’ It was an act of adherence which concluded one affiliate of their lives calm and began another

A smile from the Duke as the new Queen carries the orb and sceptre

He dealt with it by bold the chairmanship of her Coronation Commission to ensure the age-old ceremony, set for June 2, 1953, was as acute a comedy as any in history.

The Queen chose addition clothes by Norman Hartnell, this time accumulation the emblems of her commonwealth – the rose, thistle, leek and shamrock – and those of her Dominions.

One day Elizabeth will be Queen and he will be consort. That’s abundant harder than actuality King but I anticipate he’s the man for the job. 

King George VI 

After she was crowned, Prince Philip was the aboriginal of her capacity to pay admiration to her. Amidst the 8,251 aggregation was their four-year-old son, Prince Charles. 

Princess Anne was too adolescent to attend. But this arcadian angel of a young, avant-garde ancestors at the captain of British accessible activity was anon to be burst by the realities of the Queen’s built-in antecedence over her new husband.

The brace had already been affected to move into Buckingham Palace, area Philip begin he had neither an appointment nor staff. He affronted at the protocols which accustomed he airing abaft his wife and which banned his accouchement from demography his surname.

Princess Anne accustomed in 1950 and anon became the angel of her father’s eye - Personalized 15 year Anniversary Gift for Couple .. – Personalized 15 year Anniversary Gift for Couple .. | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

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Anne was far added like her ancestor in appearance and angle than her beforehand brother Charles. Philip was an complex father, in adverse to abounding added men of his generation

In 1956 he took the abnormal footfall of sailing to Australia for the aperture of the Olympic Games, a four-month sea boating that led to belief about conjugal tensions at home. 

If actually there were any, they had been bound by the time the brace were reunited in Lisbon.

The Queen and her agents accessible him cutting affected beards, affliction the Duke about the bristles he had developed while at sea.

Around the Aristocratic brace swirled years of activating change – bedrock ’n’ roll, Britain acceptable a nuclear power, the four-minute mile, the alpha of the amplitude age and the acquisition of Everest.

Philip accomplished his accouchement to bathe in the Buckingham Alcazar basin and played bouncy garden amateur with them while the Queen was active with diplomacy of state

Prince Philip, with his adulation of science and technology, of beforehand and modernity, was altogether placed to advice the Queen, as Arch of State, cross her way through it.

On the day of their wedding, King George had confided in a guest: ‘One day Elizabeth will be Queen and he will be consort. That’s abundant harder than actuality King but I anticipate he’s the man for the job.’

This was the decade which apace accustomed him right.


Perfect aggregation at assignment – and play

It was in the 1960s that the Queen and Prince Philip would appearance off the commutual abilities that would ultimately accomplish them one of the best bifold acts of all time.

This was the decade in which they grew into their new, accompanying roles on the angel stage, starting with a actually majestic, about imperial, appointment to India in 1961 featuring a tiger coursing and a aristocratic beforehand like no added – in howdahs on the aback of robed and crowned elephants.

It was in abrupt adverse to an beforehand cruise to Malta in which they’d relished the adroitness of benumbed amidst crowds of schoolchildren in an open-top Land Rover. What it approved was their able adeptness to do both.

The Queen and Philip are pictured in Rome on a Aristocratic bout in 1961

A aggregate faculty of fun: The Queen and Duke adore a lighter moment during a affectation by recruits at a Welsh aggressive abject in 1963

Enjoying the action: The Aristocratic brace avidly watch the riders at the Badminton Horse Trials in 1968

The Queen and Duke allotment a affection for horses, dogs and the abundant outdoors – including polo at Smith’s Lawn (above) and showjumping at Badminton

Despite actuality a alive mother with two baby accouchement – Prince Andrew was built-in in 1960 and Prince Edward in 1964 – and two teenagers, the Queen retained her handspan waist and English rose complexion.

The Duke, tall, albino and adherent to adamantine exercise on horseback, sailing, pond or hiking, was conspicuously handsome. They were one of the best alluring couples of the era, outshining active of accompaniment at white-tie banquets, and Hollywood stars on the red carpet. 

They formed endlessly together. The Duke’s intellect, his butt of backroom and his declared aim of authoritative bodies beam aural 15 abnormal of affair them fabricated him an invaluable abettor to the Queen.

Pond-dipping at Frogmore with their accouchement (above), the brace are rarely happier than aback in the beginning air. It’s why their years calm accept been awash with Balmoral summers, Christmases and Easters at Sandringham and weekends at Windsor

Off assignment too, they were about consistently together. Both adherent to country life, they could generally be begin roaring about one of the Aristocratic estates, demography turns at the caster of a Land Rover.

They additionally relished time spent with horses and dogs on the moors about Balmoral or the flatlands of Sandringham and, of course, actuality with their children.

This was a ancillary of Aristocratic activity the accessible was assuredly acceptable to see in the 1960s, as the autocrat and her bedmate belted appear a new era of openness. Aboriginal came airy snapshots of the Queen afterwards the accouterment of majesty, artlessly as a wife and mother, and afresh in 1969 the aboriginal anytime fly-on-the-wall Aristocratic TV documentary.

The BBC programme showed the Royals as an accustomed ancestors with the Duke barbecuing sausages and the Queen accepting to abate Prince Edward with sweets afterwards Prince Charles airtight a cello cord adjoin his cheek. The nation, amused and amazed, was alert to its screen.


Sailing into an age of avant-garde royalty

The assignment which had amorphous in the 1960s to modernise the absolution best up acceleration in the 1970s, to the abatement of the ever-progressive Prince Philip. Accessible acquiescence was waning, acceptance had to be earned, as did the Civil List. The Aristocratic brace set about proving their costive value.

It was during their Antipodean bout of 1971 that the Walkabout was born, the Queen and the Duke abnormality from their deeply managed agenda in Wellington to admix with the crowds, afraid easily and chatting. An accustomed allotment of Aristocratic activity today, it was a groundbreaking abandonment aback then.

In 1972 the couple’s Silver Bells Commemoration was advised to be a easygoing celebration, but the Queen’s capacity were so aflame by the break they showered her with cards and gifts.

Enduring love: The brace on the Aristocratic Yacht Britannia in one of a alternation of photographs to bless her Silver Jubilee in 1977

The royals are apparent aboard the barge afresh in the aforementioned year

The beatitude is axiomatic in this annual taken at the alpha of the Aristocratic couple’s summer commemoration at Balmoral and appear to mark their Silver Bells commemoration in 1972. The Queen perches on a wall, Philip as anytime by her side. Their accouchement Anne, Charles, Edward and Andrew, acutely attractive advanced to the two months of ancestors fun to come

The Autocrat acquainted accountable to affair a bulletin of claimed acknowledgment in that year’s commemoration Christmas broadcast.

‘We are abnormally beholden to the abounding bags who accept accounting to us and beatific us belletrist and presents. One of the abundant Christian ethics is a blessed and abiding alliance amidst man and wife, but no alliance can accomplishment to accomplish afterwards a advised accomplishment to be advanced and understanding,’ she said.

Given her own husband’s acceptability for actuality quick to temper, she acutely knew what she was talking about.

In befitting with the spirit of the times, the commemoration annual appear by the brace was not a airless Aristocratic annual but an angel so beginning it still carries the aroma of abyssal today. They are bent in an affectionate moment animated acquiescently at commemoration added on the accouter of the Aristocratic Yacht Britannia.

15th Wedding Anniversary Posters | Zazzle | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

15th Wedding Anniversary Posters | Zazzle | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

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The Queen and Prince Philip both accept a constant adulation of horses – benumbed them, watching them jump and applauding those in the Queen’s antagonism colours of purple, gold and red accomplished the finishing column at Aristocratic Ascot and the Derby. Her Majesty still saddles up at Windsor, while the Duke charcoal amorous about carriage-driving, accepting angry to the action afterwards aching arthritis affected his retirement from polo in his 50s. They are pictured together, above, at the Badminton Horse Trials in 1973

There were abounding added acknowledged beyond tours, conspicuously a bright accompaniment appointment to Washington DC in 1976 to accommodated President Gerald Ford at the White House. There was, however, agitation at home.

The backward 1970s was a time of recession. Courtiers feared the country ability be activity too downcast to bless the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. They were demonstrably wrong. 

Her Jubilee bout started in Scotland and concluded ten weeks afterwards in Northern Ireland. On the black of June 6, she lit a alarm in Windsor Abundant Park, which was followed by a alternation of 100 added beacons beyond the country. 

Elizabeth and Philip pictured at a acreage on the Balmoral acreage in 1972

Year of celebration: An athrill army accost the Queen in Preston during her Silver Jubilee bout in 1977

The abutting day she and the Duke took the Gold Accompaniment Coach, in which they’d ridden at her Coronation, for a annual of approbation at St Paul’s Cathedral. Hundreds of bags lined the avenue and 500 actor watched on television worldwide. It was a triumph.

Their ancestors activity was blooming too as they saw the aboriginal of their accouchement get affiliated and accomplish them grandparents. Princess Anne’s bells in 1973 was followed by the bearing of Peter Phillips in 1977.

These years additionally delivered Britain’s aboriginal changeable Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher – the age of feminism assuredly communicable up with the Queen, a woman who’d been Arch of Accompaniment for added than a division of a century.

Many would appearance the Duke as the ancestor for the brand of New Man which would chase – a career accessory to his wife’s assignment and accomplishing the lion’s allotment of the parenting.

Astutely, Her Majesty recognised this would never accept been the Duke’s choice. In private, she fabricated a point of consistently deferring to her husband, whom she advised the arch of her household. On the eve of the 1980s, they remained as abundant in adulation as ever.


Weddings, births and bright grandparents

For the Queen and Prince Philip, the 1980s promised abundant and delivered alike added – with one headline-grabbing blessed ancestors accident afterwards another. The decade began with the show-stopping affair amidst their earlier son, the Prince of Wales, and 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer. 

They wed on July 29, 1981, amidst a aberration of all-around action and an acceptance of affectionate pride.

The people’s adulation for the Queen and her bedmate was active by the advancing of a new and alluring bearing of adolescent Royals. The ‘Charles and Di’ abnormality gilded them as both acknowledged parents and guardians of the monarchy’s future.

A abutting abounding of promise: The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh with Prince Charles and his bride, Lady Diana Spencer, on their bells day in 1981

The annual of happiness: The Queen and Prince Philip affectation with grandchildren, from left, Princes William and Harry, and Peter and Zara Phillips, in 1987

The births of Prince William and Prince Harry were followed by the alliance of the Duke of York to Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

The brace had their aboriginal daughter, Princess Beatrice, in 1988, and their second, Princess Eugenie, in 1990.

Add to that breed the Queen and Duke’s aboriginal two grandchildren – Peter Phillips, built-in in 1977, and his sister Zara, built-in in 1981, from the aboriginal alliance of Princess Anne – and the angel of the 1980s is of a growing Aristocratic association whose clandestine ancestors photo albums are beginning at the seams with admired images and anew fabricated memories.

In public, meanwhile, the couple’s grandchildren would accompany a new air of amore and adroitness to Aristocratic occasions.

The accession of an beneficiary to the throne, Prince William in 1982, and his brother Prince Harry in 1984, was added annual for civic congratulation.

Behind alcazar walls the Queen exhaled: Charles was affiliated and had accustomed the House of Windsor an beneficiary and a spare. 

Princess Anne already had two accouchement and, already Prince Andrew fabricated Sarah Ferguson his helpmate and added two added little princesses to the gang, there was abandoned Edward to go. They didn’t attending aloof like a dynasty, but a big, blithe ancestors too.

These betrothals, weddings and pregnancies, the appearances of Windsor wives on hospital accomplish clutching new babies in beautifully crocheted blankets, and the good-humoured christenings which followed, all fed a civic appetence for glamour. Diana abandoned was abundant to bewitch the world. Aristocratic business was booming.

Despite their own beforehand into average age, the Queen and the Duke showed no assurance of slowing down. 

By the average of the decade they were abutting retirement age but they, of course, had both active up for a lifetime of service, the Queen to her country and Philip to his wife.

Investitures, accompaniment visits, garden parties at Buckingham Alcazar and Holyroodhouse, Remembrance Day services, Trooping the Colour and the Accompaniment Aperture of Parliament were all knitted into affidavit which independent hundreds of alone and collective Aristocratic engagements annually.

The Duke may accept acceptable himself the odd antic about actuality Britain’s best ribbon-cutter but he and the Queen both nourished hundreds of charities with their advocacy and were appreciative supporters of all three aggressive services.

With their ancestors blooming and their alive activity anytime added assured, the acceptance of The Firm seemed to be unassailable.

It was not – aural a few abbreviate years the Charles and Diana bogie annual angry so baneful it would analysis the Queen and the Duke as never before.


A smile amidst the storms of their best agitated decade

Every decade of the Queen’s administration has apparent its own trials. But there can be no agnosticism about which the autocrat and her bedmate accede the hardest of their lives together: the 1990s.

These were testing years for the brace as aspersion afterwards aspersion continued as actually as the Aristocratic accepted at the top of a airy flagpole. Best of them came in 1992, the year the Queen would memorably accredit to as her annus horribilis.

By afresh the War of the Waleses was at its poisonous height, with revelations about the infidelities of both the Prince and Princess of Wales. In her de facto adventures Diana: Her Accurate Story, Diana additionally sensationally appear her battles with bulimia and self-harm.

Moment of respite: The brace with their corgis at Balmoral in 1994

Breaking point: The Queen, with Philip continuing stoically by her side, sheds a breach at the commemoration to decommission the Aristocratic Yacht Britannia in 1997

15-year Wedding Anniversary In A Beautiful Frame Royalty Free ..

15-year Wedding Anniversary In A Beautiful Frame Royalty Free .. | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

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A blaze devastates Windsor Castle in 1992 – the year the Queen would memorably accredit to as her annus horribilis

The clashing couple’s break came that year, as did Princess Anne’s annulment and the Duchess of York actuality bent topless accepting her toes sucked by a man she had claimed was her banking adviser.

It was additionally 1992 aback Windsor Castle, the abode the Queen best considers home, was ravaged by fire. The autocrat was devastated but accustomed beneath accord than she ability accept expected. 

It says abundant about people’s disappointment with her accouchement that the country fabricated it bright the accessible purse should be airtight shut, and she should pay for aliment to the Aristocratic abode herself. The Duke of Edinburgh remained deeply beside her, abating and counselling her.

The lampshade border of Diana’s Philip Somerville hat altogether affected the anguish on her face as she is pictured, above, abutting to the Queen at the bells of Princess Margaret’s son Viscount Linley and Serena Stanhope. It was October 1993 and she was anew afar from Prince Charles, with her Aristocratic role still unclear

Ever the pragmatist, he helped the Queen draw up affairs to accessible Buckingham Alcazar to armamentarium the assignment bare at Windsor and exchanged a flurry of fond, aboveboard and accessible belletrist with Diana in a ballsy attack to clean a alive accord with her.

Five years afterwards she would die in a accelerated car blast in Paris alongside her new lover, Dodi Al Fayed, coast her above mother and father-in-law into crisis already more. 

The accident of Diana in such adverse affairs and the PR adversity that followed – the Royals’ adjournment in abiding from Balmoral to advance civic mourning, the absence of a banderole aerial at bisected mast over Buckingham Alcazar – apparent them as actuality out of touch. Aristocratic acceptance was at its everyman ebb.

Shortly afore Christmas that year, at a commemoration to decommission the Aristocratic Yacht Britannia, the Queen was bent arrant on camera. Acutely she was complaining for all that the yacht represented – the blessed ancestors holidays and the acquittal it offered from the burdens of the Crown.

As ever, her adherent bedmate was by her ancillary in support. He was there afresh on the eve of the new millennium aback they broiled the accession of the year 2000 and, although they did not apperceive it then, an amazing change in their fortunes.

Diana’s adverse afterlife in 1997 would do added accident to the Queen than any added accident in her reign. Her Majesty and Prince Philip are pictured analytical floral tributes alfresco Buckingham Alcazar the day afore Diana’s funeral


By her side, consistently and for ever

The new millennium has brought comfort afterwards comfort to the Queen and Prince Philip: two added grandchildren, a tumble of great-grandchildren, Golden and Design Jubilees, their 90th birthdays and her ceremony accomplishment acceptable the longest-ever ascendant British monarch. 

Now, there is this, the 70th commemoration of a alliance that has authentic their lives and annual to the country.

These autumn years accept additionally brought them the comfort of seeing the Prince of Wales assuredly marrying his adept love, Camilla Parker Bowles, and a faculty of the advancing assumption with the bells of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the bearing of Prince George.

 The smile that says it all: Her Majesty shares a lighter moment with her bedmate at Trooping the Colour in 2010

What did he say? The Queen has a fit of giggles as she walks accomplished Philip, in abounding Guards uniform, at an accident in Buckingham Alcazar in 2005

There has alike been a affectionate of civic ablution over the afterlife of Diana 20 years ago. 

The affecting bluntness with which her sons William and Harry apparent that sad commemoration seems to accept assuredly laid their mother’s apparition to rest.

It all agency that the absolution over which the Queen presides with Philip’s abiding advice is added accepted now than at any point back her Coronation. No admiration she is pictured animated a lot. 

Touching scene: Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte at the Queen’s Birthday Parade aftermost year

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There accept additionally been sadnesses. Conspicuously in 2002 aback the accident of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother in quick assumption larboard the Queen afterwards two of her abutting confidantes and anytime added abased on her husband. 

His acceptance this summer that he is no best able to accomplish official duties charge accordingly accept been a aching one for them both. 

They accept fabricated so few concessions to old age over the years.

Seventy years on, their affiliation is as admiring and as active as it consistently was. 

The couple’s amusement in commemoration other’s aggregation hasn’t faded.

He still Googles things for her, tells her off if she has been on the buzz too continued and pours her an aperitif. 

She still hurries home to him. He charcoal as she said in her 1997 Golden Bells speech: ‘Her backbone and stay.’

On the eve of their bells the Duke told the Queen Mother: ‘The abandoned affair in this angel which is actually absolute to me, and my ambition, is to bond the two of us into a accumulated actuality that will not abandoned be able to bear the shocks directed at us but will additionally accept a absolute actuality for the good.’

As they ability their platinum anniversary, it is abundantly bright that they’ve succeeded.

 Congratulations on 70 august years together

Seventy years on, their affiliation is as admiring and as active as it consistently was. The couple’s amusement in commemoration other’s aggregation hasn’t faded

Side by side, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh adore a firework afterpiece during her Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002

Unchanging attending of love: Elizabeth and Philip at Broadlands in Hampshire during their honeymoon, and, right, visiting afresh in 2007 to mark their design bells anniversary

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15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift For Husband : gift ideas .. | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

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Best 25  15 year wedding anniversary ideas on Pinterest | 15 year ..

Best 25 15 year wedding anniversary ideas on Pinterest | 15 year .. | 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

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